21 Days of Prayer

September 16 - October 6

In His “Great Commission” (Mat. 28:16-20), Jesus called us to a great calling, and He ended His commission by saying: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age”, implying that we CANNOT complete this mission on our own. We need Him to be with us. We need to walk with His Spirit who enables us to do His will.

This is why we want you to join us in 21 Days Of Prayer. During these three weeks we encourage you to take a special time of prayer and fasting, asking the Holy Spirit to guide and empower us so that we may be the church who extends the Gospel in our community in word and deed.

TPC Director of Outreach Alexey Negru has asked many within our church to provide answers to two following questions:

1. What burdens you when you think about reaching your community for Jesus?

2. What specific things should we pray for to see God’s Kingdom come and transform our communities?

As result, we created two prayer points for each of the 21 days originated from one of the members of Trinity Park. Join us during this time as we open our hearts in prayer and meditation on God’s Word.

If you are interested in receiving the weekly email updates on 21 Days of Prayer contact Alexey Negru, alexey@trinityparkchurch.org.