Cultural Statement

During this political season, people are always feeling me out to try to find out if Trinity Park is a ‘Democrat church’ or a ‘Republican church.’ I’m happy to say “We are both and we are neither.”

Politics matters to us at Trinity Park but it is not and never will be our central identity. Sadly, friends in neighborhoods and even in churches are parting ways over how they feel about the current presidential administration. All the while the Gospel is still the power to change our lives and to unify the church-yes, even in America today.

How can the Gospel change our lives in this cultural moment? If we are anxious now, is it because we are putting our hope in the wrong place? As is the case in every transition of power in Washington, it should be obvious that our ultimate hope cannot be placed in our government. Instead of putting your hope in a politician or a political party, hope in Jesus. No political movement can give us the hope that conquers anxiety that Jesus does. 

If there is conflict now, is it because we lack humility to see another person’s point of view? Do we feel we have to change others to reflect our image instead of trusting God to renew humanity in his image? Instead of working to change everyone to be like you, trust in the sovereign God of the universe to continue his redeeming work in his church and in this nation.

How can the Gospel unify the church in this cultural moment? We are for the unborn and we are for the poor. We are for justice and equality for people of every race, ethnicity and cultural background. We are for individuals & communities helping the sick receive the health care services they need when they need it. We are for security at home and for an end to violent attacks on the innocent everywhere. We love our neighbors-all those whom God ordains to move into our community-befriending the immigrant and welcoming the refugee. We are for life, for every life-before birth, after birth and until death because we believe all humanity is made in the image of God. 

We are baby boomers, we are millennials. We are from various religious and denominational backgrounds. We are global and we are local. We are white collar and we are blue collar. We are families and we are singles. We are stay at home moms and dads and we are working moms and dads. We are depressed and we are thriving. We are public schooled, private schooled and home schooled. We are made up of 25+ nations representing every continent on this planet.

In our diversity, we find harmony in this-we are sinners saved by our gracious Savior, Jesus Christ. Our central identity is no longer rooted in our sin--sexual brokenness, driven perfectionism, love of money, various addictions, anxious fear, self-absorbed pride. Our identity is instead anchored in God’s great and unexpected love for us, love that is at work to redeem all that is broken in us and in the world. And because we hold this truth to be most supreme, we are finding we have more in common with one another than we would if we were from the same political party, economic class, ethnic group or geo-political nation.

Come join us this Sunday to see if God might be calling you to be a part of the story he is writing at Trinity Park-a story of humility, redemption and life that transcends American politics.