2019 Summer of Rest

“I sense the people of Trinity Park are experiencing two things right now that parallel my own struggle: they feel excitement as our church continues to grow and yet simultaneously they feel exhaustion from the work they’ve done to sustain the growth of the church. My hope for our congregation while I am away is that they will be able to enjoy a season of corporate rest and renewal even as I and my family are being refreshed”.

~ Senior Pastor Corey Jackson

Take time to explore the idea of Sabbatical, why it’s important, and what we’ll be doing as a congregation during our summer of rest.

During this summer, if you need pastoral care, please contact Pastor Andy. If you have questions about Sabbatical and Summer of Rest, contact Mark Atkinson.

Why It’s Important

One of our greatest hopes for Pastor Corey’s Sabbatical and our Congregational Summer of Rest is that as a church we would emerge with refreshed rhythms of life and ministry that are sustainable for the long run. Click through to learn more about the vision for this Pastoral and Congregational Sabbatical below.

How We’ll Pursue It

We’ll contemplate what sustainable congregational life looks like through reading, fellowship and sharing. Click through to see our summer reading, our fellowship plans and learn how you can share how Trinity Park’s Summer of Rest has shaped your outlook for the future.

Sabbatical FAQ

A quick Q and A about all the info you’d want to know about sabbatical. Read on to find out the when what and how of Sabbatical. There’s great info about who contact, and how long sabbatical will last.