How to Be A Good Parent in One Bullet Point

How much does God care about parenting? Based on the Bible we could say that God cares about the way we parent our kids a GREAT DEAL. He considers it VERY important.

But, from Scripture can we say God believes parenting is ultimate, that it’s of utmost importance?


According to the Bible, parenting is not the most important calling in your life. It’s a very important calling but it’s not your ultimate calling. That’s an important distinction to realize right off the bat.

Look with me at our two passages, Deuteronomy 6 & Psalm 127:

Topically, these passages are at least in part about parenting.
Who is the most important person in both of these passages, though? God!

This is actually very freeing for us.

We spend way too much time worrying about whether or not we as parents are doing the right things. It starts with “Should my child sleep on their back or their tummies?” And then moves to, "how soon should I get my child on a sleep schedule?" Friendships have divided over this question.

Then it moves on to “Should we buy an Xbox or just a Wii or what about a PS3?” And then, “Is my child well rounded enough in sports, foreign languages, arts, drama and music?” On top of that, “what about their friends? Are they connecting with their youth group?”

Good night, it’s no wonder we all have acid reflux and take more ibuprofen than we should.

Thankfully, Moses simplifies things for us. He says don’t worry about all that stuff—just concern yourself with this one thing: make sure you are being shaped by God & His word and then make sure you are shaping your kids around God and His word.

Now you may say, well that doesn’t sound very freeing Corey. That seems like just one more thing for me to do that I don’t feel like I’m already doing well already. Alongside piano, baseball and dance, now I’m supposed to teach my kids about God?

This is very important for you to understand as a Christian parent. According to Deuteronomy 6 & Psalm 127, God isn’t telling you to add teaching your kids about him to your already crazy parenting to-do list.

He’s saying this: Start a new list.

In fact, start a list with just one bullet point:

  • Love God and Teach my kids to love him.

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Seek the Kingdom first, and then add baseball, drama, Chinese and lego camps.

Let’s start by putting God first in our parenting relationships.