Celebrating God's Overwhelming Provision

Last week we sent a fairly urgent message about furnishing the apartment for our refugee family.

Today I checked in with Olivia Jackson on the status of those gifts. (I’ve been stepping over bed frames to get into my office, which I took to be a good sign!) Here’s Olivia:

The Lord has been so faithful to provide all we need to furnish the apartment for the refugee family. Thank you for all of your help collecting items. I have been amazed to see our church come together to provide for the needs of this family.

The family we were assigned is a family of 5 from Afghanistan. They will be arriving at RDU this Thursday afternoon at 4:45.

If you have signed up to donate items, but have not yet brought your items to the office, please have them there by 5 on Wednesday afternoon.

Movers needed: If you are able to help our moving crew load the moving truck and deliver furniture to the refugees apartment in Durham please contact Jordi R. He will begin loading the truck at 5:30 on Wednesday at the church office. The more folks who help, the faster it’ll go! He’ll also need help unloading the truck in Durham.

Please be in prayer for our Good Neighbor Team as we meet the family on Thursday and begin to develop a relationship with them. Please be in prayer for the family as this will inevitably be a very long and possibly emotional journey.

Thanks, Olivia! What an encouragement to see God bringing together all that this family will need to get adjusted to life in the States.