Location Transition Update

Trinity Park Church is moving! We are planning a location change from Morrisville Elementary to about 2 miles south on Davis Drive to Davis Drive Middle School. 


  1. We need more space - we frequently have Sundays where we struggle to have adequate seating. DDMS has an auditorium that seats 360.
  2. We need to take the burden off our set up and tear down teams - 6 1/2 years of pulling a trailer, setting up each week, tearing down each week and driving the trailer back to the office has become burdensome. DDMS will have onsite storage which will minimize our set up.

What has been happening in the past couple of months? 

-Thorburn and Associates have gone in and given us a plan for optimizing the auditorium space from an audio visual standpoint. They’ve also estimated the cost and put together a proposed plan for installation.

-Session received this plan from Thorburn last week and passed a motion for us to spend up to $22K on auditorium upgrades. These funds will come from the 104K we raised last year for relocation.

What will be happening in the near future?

-Greg Peterson, Corey Jackson, & Laura Guthrie will meet Wednesday afternoon with Davis Drive administration to talk through our proposal to upgrade the auditorium space. They are thrilled to have us moving there and will be additionally thrilled that we’re investing 22K to upgrade their auditorium. We also need to talk through on site storage with them. As well as a probable timeline for completing this work in the auditorium.

-Next Sunday a newly formed transition team will meet to discuss how we need to make additional changes as we move-parking signage, greeting, many other things, etc. That group is: Laura Guthrie, Philip Zumbrun, David and Donna Kraay, Charlie Hawkes, Greg Peterson, Jason Walley, Haley Walley, Vince Thai, Richard Sugg, Abi Spears and Corey Jackson. Moving will change quite a lot of how we operate on Sunday mornings - not the content of the service but where we store things, where the classrooms are, nursery, etc. This group will meet to put our heads together to anticipate those changes. 

When will we move? 

We are hoping for late March/early April so we can have adequate time to prepare to be at full speed by Easter Sunday, April 16

What do we need from you?

Please be praying for the transition to our new location.

If you have questions feel free to contact Corey Jackson, Greg Peterson, or Charlie Hawkes.