Transitioning with God- Alicia Park

Given this opportunity to write on TPC’s blog, I contemplated on what would be a good topic to share. Somewhat feeling my mundane life doesn’t really deserve a spotlight,  I thought I could talk about ordinary stuff like transition in life. Just this year, our family of 7(yes, you read it right!) went through many different transitions in our lives.

It started with our 4th child’s arrival. A baby girl born in March brought a great anticipation in every member of the family. Jae and I knew what to expect from this littler person and what great responsibilities she’ll add to our lives. Sisters made cards to celebrate and brother helped to assemble the crib. My mother busily cooked and stored food for us. We were ready to face the new stage of our lives!

Soon after, with a 6-week-old baby, our first house was complete to move in. All I remember is countless driving back and forth with my newborn taking every nap in the car seat. This move required hustling from every member of the family and there were many moments of frustration. Not bursting into sudden anger or blaming another family member during this season was very difficult!

Photo by  Evelyn Paris  on  Unsplash

Looking for a new church and new community happened right alongside with the move. Our family had been involved in a Korean church in Durham for past 4 years. We had friends and relationships we called family. When we prayed and considered to look for a new church in the same area, it was much too difficult. Anxiety came from feeling disconnected from the old and uncertainty of the new. But we knew God was broadening our perspective to look for a church beyond our own race. We wanted our children to see God’s kingdom in many different forms.

I believe our family is still going through this transition, but we are very thankful God led us to TPC. Members of the congregation embraced us and we were at ease. Not to mention our children are blessed to walk in their journeys in Christ with so many other children!

Lastly, it had been a long time topic of our prayer for a direction in Jae’s career. Battling with our own thoughts and plans while nothing seemed hopeful was grueling. However, acknowledging God’s faithfulness and sufficiency helped us to be patient with thankfulness. This October, Jae started a new position.

It almost feels like a fast moving wind carried us in 2018 to be where we are now. God who knows us the best prepared each step for us. Was I a good follower? I can recall some ugly moments of complaining and trying to be self-sufficient.

Transitions give us opportunity to examine the sovereignty of God in our lives. Also, it gives us a chance to reprioritize our lives. With transitions in life, I was able to practically see where my faith is at and test it. That being said, I hope my next transition would reflect more of the goodness of our Lord.


Alicia Park came to Trinity Park in 2018. She lives with her family in Cary.