Senior Pastor Sabbatical 2019

Summer 2019 Senior Pastor Corey Jackson will be taking a 14 week sabbatical.


Sabbaticals are fairly common in academia, at some places of work, and increasingly at churches. They are a paid time of leave with the purpose of rest. The word "sabbatical" comes from the Hebrew word "shabbath" or "sabbath" meaning rest.


 A sabbatical is very biblical idea in that it provides an extended time away from work to rest, study, and rejuvenate.  We see in creation that God created and then He rested to enjoy what He had made.  He rested, not because He was tired but to enjoy what He made.  God has given us an example of the cycle of work and rest (work is a blessed activity and so is rest).  

As a result, Trinity Park Church has a sabbatical policy for its pastoral staff that encourages a 2-4 month sabbatical, every 5-7 years. Session believes that it is important to have this policy in place and to make sure our pastors actually do it!


The Jackson family sabbatical is planned for Summer 2019. That’s more than in a year away. They and the church need time to prepare. In the meantime, Corey is assembling a grant application with the Eli Lily Foundation that would enable him, his family and the church to do more during their time (special trips, training and activities).  
Pray for Corey as he prepares the grant application and pray for a favorable response. Regardless of the outcome on the grant, the sabbatical (which will last 14 weeks) will happen but we all could do more if there are additional funds from the grant. Expect to see occasional updates as we approach the sabbatical. 


Randy Nabors, who preached at Trinity Park last year, wrote about his sabbatical experience.  The article was first published in ByFaith (PCA’s online magazine).  It’s titled “Investing in a Pastors Wellness.”  That’s exactly what we are doing.


If you have any questions about the sabbatical, contact Mark Atkinson.