Vision Moment: City To City Partnership

City To City Partnership

By: Senior Pastor Corey Jackson

We are excited to announce that Trinity Park Church has been asked to join the Redeemer City to City Network!

In mid March 2018 Senior Pastor Corey Jackson received a list of churches participating in the partnership this year-there are 23 churches nationwide. Trinity Park is the only church from NC. Other PCA churches in the partnership this year include Pacific Crossroads church in LA, Harbor Church in San Diego, Oak Mountain Presbyterian and Covenant Presbyterian in Birmingham and Downtown Presbyterian in Greenville, SC. 


Why Trinity Park? 

Word is getting out about what God is doing here! God is calling all kinds of people from all kinds of places and backgrounds to himself through our church. We also have the mission of God to the world at the very heart of our DNA both with local ministry and global ministry. These factors make us a great match for partnering with Redeemer CTC.


What is Redeemer City To City?

CTC was founded by Redeemer NYC and Tim Keller but is non-profit existing outside the church itself. Since it’s founding CTC has planted over 400 global churches in all 6 continents of the world who all have these foundational principles at the heart of their church identity: urban, led by entrepreneurial committed pastors, are highly evangelistic, are culturally engaged and are economically sustainable and who have been trained by a trusted source, Tim Keller, and Redeemer CTC.


What does it mean to partner with CTC?

Trinity Park will partner with a new church plant in a global city. Since our first two major global partners are currently in Bangalore, India and in Chengdu, China we will look for a third major partner in Eastern Europe or Central America.

TPC will fund this church plant at 50K over four years (12.5K/year). 80% of this funding will go directly to the planter and 20% will go to the ongoing training and development costs incurred by CTC to keep the planter healthy, aligned with the mission and moving toward toward sustainability.

We don’t yet have this new third partner assigned to us. The TPC Missions Team and Session are currently in conversation with CTC. We hope to have a new partner by summer 2018.


What are other benefits of partnering with CTC?

Trinity Park will select up to four people to join a learning cohort who will have the opportunity over a nine month period to learn from Tim Keller and other leaders within CTC. The training is rooted in Keller’s book ‘Center Church’ and will be focused helping church leaders operate from a theological vision that is contextually sensitive, gospel­ centered, city-positive, and movement-oriented applying to our church’s whole philosophy and profile of ministry.

This cohort group will travel to NYC two times in a nine month period for training. All other meetings will take place in an online forum. Trinity Park’s four people attending this training have not yet been selected.

This is an honor for us, Trinity Park. It’s an opportunity for us to plant a Reformed, gospel centered church in a global city. And it’s an opportunity for us to learn from Tim Keller and others about how we can lead and operate out of the theological vision God has given our church. 



For more information about Trinity Park's involvement with City to City contact Senior Pastor Corey Jackson.

To learn more about Redeemer City to City visit their website by clicking the link below.