Vision Moment: Update from the Elders


By Elder Richard Sugg


Women's Ministry Director

The Trinity Park Church Elders have heard from many of the women in the church and recognize the growing need for a Women's Ministry Director. In answer to this need the Elders are planning to hire someone in this role in the next 12-18 months. For more information about the growing Women's Ministry at Trinity Park contact Elder Richard Sugg, or Women's Ministry Team member Joy Sugg,


Preschool Ministry Director

Our most immediate need is in the area of children’s ministry. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a lot of kids here at TPC! A few weeks ago our current Children’s Ministry Director Pam announced that she would step down from her role by June 3rd. 

From these discussions, we decided to move from one person filling these roles (as we had with Pam and Haley and those before them) to a two person approach to meet the growing needs of CM. To be clear we are going to be hiring for 2 positions simultaneously over the next several months.

As we look out into the longer range future, we believe youth ministry will grow into its own full time role in the next 3 years. So we anticipate hiring more staff for children’s and youth ministry in the future. Perhaps 3 or even more if God continues to grow our ministries here.

  • This new position will focus on Sunday morning ministry to kids 0-5 years old. 
  • We hope to raise up 4 adult members of the church to serve as point people on Sunday mornings to allow this person to regularly attend the worship service
  • We estimate this position will require 10-15 hours per week including Sunday mornings
  • We hope to hire a woman for this position from within the church so please let us know if you’d like to be considered for this position.

Timeline for this hire: Our desire is to hire for this position by mid-May to have ample time to connect with Pam before she finally transitions out of her role on June 3 (at the latest). All applicants can send in their resume to Laura Guthrie, on or before April 22nd.

Pastor of Youth & Children's Ministry

  • This new position is a pastoral position. We will be hiring a 3rd pastor to assist Corey and Andy in pastoring this congregation broadly. As you may know we’ve grown by at least 50% in the past year making a new pastoral position necessary. This person will need to be ordained or ordainable in the PCA.
  • This pastor’s main area of oversight will be all ministries to youth and children 0-18
  • They will help give leadership to children’s ministry and youth ministry and here’s how we think that can look on a weekly basis:

○ On Sunday mornings, they face children’s ministry ages 0-5th grade. Since we will have the PMD in place, they will focus mainly on elementary school ministries - particularly the tween class
○ Outside of Sunday mornings, their main focus will be on middle school and high school ministries - on building our youth program.

  • As the youth ministry grows, we believe and hope that youth ministry will become a full time role and so their focus may change over time; however our hope is that they will still oversee 0-18 ministries on a leadership level.

Timeline for the Pastor of Youth Ministry hire:

  • applications received by May 27
  • interviews in June and July
  • hired by August and here for the fall, Lord willing.

Women, Elders and others will be represented on each of the teams that will be put together to hire for these two positions. If you know of anyone who would be interested in this position, email Office Administrator Laura Guthrie,

Assistant Pastor Andy Ew's Role

Once we hire the new pastor of youth ministry, youth ministry will no longer be his responsibility. Other aspects of his current job are a full time job on their own leading the discipleship and community ministries of the church:

  • assisting Corey in general pastoring & preaching,
  • overseeing discipleship ministries
  • community group leadership
  • leading guest teams
  • and following up new visitors
  • overseeing the church membership process.

Session is excited to have received such participation from women, deacons and other men not on session as we’ve put this plan together. We feel good about it. But it’s up to the Lord to provide the right future preschool ministry director and pastor of youth and children for our church. There is much for us to pray for.