Galatians Sermon Series: A Pastor's Resources

Galatians: Living In Grace Sermon Series

By: Corey Jackson

Trinity Park,

I've been enjoying the start to our Galatians: Living in Grace Series. I hope you have as well.

In my first sermon in the series I mentioned a few of the key resources the preaching team will be relying on as we prepare our messages. Some of you may be interested in going deeper into Galatians by reading one of these commentaries alongside the sermon series. If so, here's a list for you that moves from most accessible to most challenging and includes amazon links:

Most Accessible

Medium Accessibility

Most Difficult (But Truly Wonderful!)

Galatians by Martin Luther is available for FREE with Amazon Kindle.

If you want a taste of what reading Luther would be like before buying, check out the preface to his commentary. Just reading the preface has been life transforming to several of Trinity Park's elders. You can find it here:

Scripture Journal

Some of you may like to keep as you study the word throughout the series. You can find a good note taking journal for Galatians here:

May God bless us as we journey through Galatians together.

Corey Jackson
Senior Pastor