Good Friday Service 2018

Trinity Park had its first ever Good Friday Service on March 30, 2018! It was a wonderful time of worship and reflection on the great exchange Christ made at the cross when He gave us His Righteousness and took on our sin. 

The Trinity Park Worship Team encouraged us to draw near to God and embrace the grace given to us because of the sacrifice on the cross.


Draw Near (Psalm 69)

The flood around me is rising; 
the water’s up to my neck. 
My voice is worn out from crying. 
O Lord, please send me your help! 

Draw near to my soul, O Lord! 
Draw near to my soul, O Lord! 

My flesh and blood no more own me; 
my family’s no more my home. 
They hide their eyes from my grieving; 
they stop their ears from my groans. 

I asked them all for some comfort; 
I begged, but there was no bread. 
They gave me food that was poison; 
with wine, they left me for dead. 

Words & Music: © 2017 Wendell Kimbrough (BMI). CCLI Song #7100077