Women's Ministry: Triads


This Fall the women’s ministry team is rolling out a new program that will replace the morning and evening Bible studies that we usually offer at Trinity Park.


Why are we doing this?

After taking some time to review the results of the women’s forums we have seen a few patterns. Many women are looking for deeper friendships and discipleship relationships. And women are also seeking to build relationships with women of who are in different stages of life and who are from different cultural backgrounds. As the church grows it’s becoming more of a challenge to get to know new people. After much conversation and prayer, we’ve decided to roll out a new idea called Triads to encourage women in the development of these type of relationships.

What is a Triad?

A Triad is a group of three women that are paired together for a set amount of time, to study a book together, to pray for one another and to develop life on life discipleship relationships.

What will the women be studying together this Fall?

The session and the women’s ministry team have come up with a list of six books. Each book has a different focus. 

How often should a Triad meet?

We will notify you about who is in your group by the end of August. At that time you can gather and discuss where and when you will meet.  It is suggested that you meet as a group 7 times between September 17 and December 10th. We realize that the nature of these groups (because we are intentionally pairing different ages and stages) might make finding a time to meet a little complicated, but we feel that with creativity you can work out a schedule. Meeting 7 times means you will be meeting roughly every other week. Of course, if you really connect with your group and would like to meet more frequently that is ok as well.

How do I sign up? How are groups members picked?

There is a google sign up at the top and bottom of this page and a link that will be sent out in the weekly updates newsletter. The sign up will list the six book choices. When you sign up you should pick the book or books you are most interested in studying this Fall. Groups will be organized by the women’s ministry team based on desired book choice.

There will also be a line where you can write a preference of a few people you are hoping to get to know better from a different age, stage, or cultural background. The Women’s Ministry Team will do our very best to put you in a group that desires to study the same book and if possible with the people you have listed that you’d enjoy going deeper with as well.  If you want to sign up but are unsure of someone you’d like to be grouped with, that’s fine as well. We will pair you together based on the book you have selected.

Going forward.

After the first week of December the Triads program will end and the traditional Morning and Evening Bible studies will begin again in the Spring. This is a trial run for the Triads program and feedback is welcome.

Our hope behind the Triads is that deeper community will be built among our women at Trinity Park. Our desire is that these groups will be a source of Spiritual encouragement and growth for all of those participating. We pray that your time together will produce authentic friendship and grow us all in love for one another.

If you are interested in the Triads program, please sign up by August 12th.