At Trinity Park loving and leading our children is one of our top priorities. God has blessed us with 100+ children K-12 ! That means no matter what age your child is, we can assure you we have other children in their age range.

Sunday Mornings

We have a trained team of parents who are dedicated to teaching and serving our children teaching or serving in each of these classes.

If you have questions about our children’s ministry, please email Eve Carriker at

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Children's Ministry Core Values

The Children’s Ministry at Trinity Park is Christ-Centered, Biblically-Based, Competently-Led, Developmentally-Focused and Parent-Driven.

Christ-Centered + Christ is the only one who can change the life of your child both in terms of salvation and sanctification (Christian growth). So we will aim to consistently teach your child about the person and work of Jesus.

Biblically-Based + God wrote a book for us to teach us what to believe and how to live. Sadly though, Biblical literacy is declining in our time in America in general and in the church in particular. We believe that understanding the teaching, stories and redemptive message presented only in Scripture is crucial for your child.

Competently-Led + When your children are in the nursery, in children’s church or in a community group, you can rest assured that our teachers and volunteers are prepared and trustworthy. We will endeavor to love and care for your children as if they were our own.

Developmentally-Focused + We understand that our children learn well in fellowship with other children who are in similar ages with them. We group kids in our children’s ministry based on age. We also teach in ways that are appropriate for your kids learning abilities—our aim is for their understanding and transformation in the Gospel, just like we desire for you as adults.

Parent-Driven + You, as parents, are the most important person in your child’s life. Pastors, youth workers and teachers are crucial but more than anyone else, you will be a shaping influence in the life of your son or daughter. So we will come along side you to encourage and teach you to parent your children well. We will also depend on you to volunteer or lead in our children’s ministry.

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Understanding the Faith

Each year we hold an Understanding the Faith class to equip our children to take the next steps in their relationship with Jesus by introducing them to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. This class is designed for those who desire to profess their faith publicly and become members of Trinity Park. This class walks students through the essentials of the Christian faith, as outlined in the Presbyterian Church in America’s Membership Vows.

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